Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Power Up Plus (PUP)

Anyone can do knowledge and judgment scoring. Instead of just counting right marks, you value knowledge and judgement equally:

Power Up PLus did this. It still provides a full set of examples of quantity and quality printouts for grades, student counseling, item development, and course development. 

High quality students get high test scores. The power of knowledge and judgment scoring to develop active self-correcting high achieving students is still needed in 2016 as is has been for the past three decades. 

The emphasis was and still needs to be on student development, not on the highest standardized test score. The learning environment must include all levels of thinking, not just   lower level of thinking test coaching for the big test.

This blog returns to the days when teachers made their own multiple-choice questions; before they could select questions on line from test banks that were calibrated to guess-tested standardized tests (academic Family Feud).

Teacher created tests use a common vocabulary actually used in their classrooms. This adds about a 10% increase in the average test score in relation to foreign generated questions.
2013 Landing Page

Power Up Plus version 5.22 was the last edition that combines DUMB TESTING and SMART TESTING. Students can elect the level of thinking they are the most comfortable with as they develop from negative rote memorizers to highly successful positive self-instructing students.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Copy Detector - KJS

The copy detector has more information to work with using knowledge and judgment  scoring (KJS) than with right mark scoring (RMS). Now Omit is a mark rather than an error in a guessing game.

There is no distinct break in the beginning of the pairing index and at the end of the pairing count plots to confirm cheating on this test.

The two most suspect answer sheets have a string of 26 identical marks. That does not occur on the four reference pairs. This becomes presumed cheating if this high a score was not characteristic of one of these two students.

Confirmation requires a repeat of this magnitude or a classroom observation during the next test. A repeat performance while in a secure environment would reject presumed cheating.