Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Test Marks with Student ID by Item

A chart showing marks with student ID by item number is a classic printout for multiple-choice tests for use in class discussions. It is simple, but it lacks the analysis results.

Grade book software can import these files.

This post, #20, ends the pages from the website.

The real magic is using these printouts is in pointing out where students and teachers should spend their time most productively. 

Detailed analyses can be found in Multiple-Choice Reborn and Rasch Model Audit. With the end of NCLB and CCSS, fertile soil may yet be found for knowledge and judgement scoring. It is time to do multiple-choice right. Give students the option of Smart Testing along with traditional Dumb Testing.

Nursing Right Mark Score (RMS)
Biology Knowledge and Judgment Scoring (KJS)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Guttman with Scores by Item Difficulty

The lowest scoring student is on the bottom line. The most difficult item is on the right side. The lower right corner is as bad as things can get. The upper left corner is as good things can get.

Again, knowledge and judgment scoring (KJS) has more information to work with (accurate, honest, and fair) than right mark scoring (RMS). The quality score (%RT) is in the 80%s all the way down to a student test score of  about 60%. 

Most of these students actually know what they know and what they have yet to learn. They have a solid basis for learning more. KJS promotes student quality.

Nursing Right Mark Score (RMS)
Biology Knowledge and Judgment Scoring (KJS)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Test Maker Counseling Matrix - RMS

The test maker view of a right mark scored (RMS) test is based on item difficulty (%), discrimination ability (A,B,C,D), and item performance (mastery, unfinished, and discriminating).

There is no right mark score (RMS) test taker student counseling matrix as students have no vote on which items to select for their individualized test.

This is a traditional item analysis plus a ranking based on how the item performed on the test. For example, two items have a difficult of 50%. One is unfinished (the entire class is having trouble, or there is a problem with the item or instruction). The other ranks at the highest for discrimination ability (one group knows or can do something that the rest in the class do not know or cannot do).

Students of all abilities missed the first item; mainly lower scoring students missed the second.

Right Mark Scoring (RMS)

Test Taker Counseling Matrix - RMS & KJS

The right mark score (RMS) student test taker counseling matrix for biology is the same as for nursing in the prior post. Again there is another example of two items with the same difficulty (58) but classified differently: unfinished and discriminating. Question 50 was a tally item. 

The knowledge and judgment scoring (KJS) student test taker counseling matrix for biology presents a student view of the test not possible with just RMSing. 

  • (E)xpected             most marked & most right
  • (G)uessing             few marked & few right
  • (M)isconception      most marked & few right
  • (D)iscriminating      few marked & most right

As students select items for their individualized tests they are also voting for item performance. Item 50 is an example of a tally that is not scored for a grade.
Item 6 (58%) was labeled unfinished by the test maker view and here is labeled the only misconception by the test taker view.
Both sets of data  can be sorted (mined) for a variety of relationships. One is to look for copying.

Right Mark Scoring (RMS)

Knowledge and Judgment Scoring (KJS)