Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Multiple-Choice Test Scoring Methods

Valid cut scores have been set from over 70% to 35% on standardized tests. The traditional DUMB scores of A, 90%; B, 80%; C, 70%, D, 60%, and F, 50% and below are easily achieved by adjusting question difficulty. This common practice is rarely questioned. The main interest is the number of right marks.

On the other hand, any set of questions can be used, scored, and cut scores set from a classroom friendly item analysis. Now student quality, as well as quantity, is of interest. The value of right marks is independent from the number of right marks (all 20 marks out of 30 is 100% right; 67% right count; no wrong marks. This student has a solid basis for further learning by whatever means of instruction). Neither the student nor the teacher needs to guess about what has yet to be learned.

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