Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Answer File Data

The answer data from right mark scoring (RMS)and knowledge and judgement scoring (KJS) look very different. One is a solid mass of marks (except for MURTA LA who missed one). The other is peppered with blank marks (yes, a blank can be a mark that carries the same information as adding another answer option for "do not know" or "something I still need to learn").

Names in the KJSing student ID column have been replaced with the order number in which the answer sheets were turned in during a 50-minute hour test. The order in which answer sheets are turned in is important information. Students electing RMSing are scattered throughout the KJSing data set. Students electing the fewest items to mark to report what they actually knew and trusted were, in general, the first to turn in their answer sheets.

Right Mark Scoring (RMS)

Knowledge and Judgment Scoring (KJS)

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